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A comparative controlled clinical study using the Parkinson's disease sleep scale and selective polysomnography.
001 V of UPDRS) (median[IQR]) HAMD, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale HAMA, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale SDS, Zung Self-rating Depression Scale SAS, Zung Self-rating Anxiety Scale PDSS, Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale UPDRS, United Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale Table 3.
All patients responded to the Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale (PDSS) (12), that includes 15 questions addressing the following 8 items: overall quality of night's sleep, sleep onset and maintenance, insomnia, nocturnal restlessness, nocturnal psychosis, nocturia, nocturnal motor symptoms, sleep refreshment and daytime dozing.
Clinical assessment of nocturnal disability in Parkinson's disease: the Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale.
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