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PNFIParsimony Normed Fit Index (statistical analysis tool)
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Based on the analyses of the whole sample and the self-construal subsamples, the statistical test indicators were in line with established requirements (see Table 2), with the numerical value of [chi square]/df between 1 and 3; values of normed fit index, comparative fit index, incremental fit index, goodness-of-fit index, and adjusted goodness-of-fit index all greater than .90; root mean square error of approximation at .058, which was less than .08; and numerical values of parsimony goodness-of-fit index and parsimony normed fit index greater than .50 (McDonald & Ho, 2002).
RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation, GFI = goodness- of fit-index, AGFI = adjusted goodness-of-fit index, NFI = normed fit index, CFI = comparative fit index, IFI = incremental fit index, PGFI = parsimony goodness-of-fit index, PNFI = Parsimony normed fit index, TLI = Tucker-Lewis index, CN = critical N, ECVI = expected cross- validation index.
Goodness of fit was evaluated by the indices of X/[df.sup.2] (acceptable fit < 5; Arbuckle, 2013; Loehlin, 2004; Wheaton, 1987; [chi square] was irrelevant for N> 500; Bentler 1990; Schumacker and Lomax, 2010), normed of fit index (NFI; acceptable >.80; Bentler and Bonett, 1980; Schumacker and Lomax, 2010), comparative fit index (CFI; good fit >.90; Bentler, 1990), parsimony normed fit index (PNFI; very good fit [greater than or equal to].80; Maroco, 2010; Mulaik et al.
More representative coefficients are Parsimony Goodness of Fit Index (PGFI) of Joreskog and Sorbom (1993) and Parsimony Normed Fit Index (PNFI) of James, Mulaik, and Brett (1982).
= 89, CFI (comparative fit index) = .91, RMSR (root mean standardized residual) = .06; PNFI (parsimony normed fit index) = .73).
In addition, the Adjusted Goodness-of-Fit Index (AGFI), the Comparative Fit Index (CFI) and the Parsimony Normed Fit Index (PNFI) are given.
We calculated chi square (%2), degrees of freedom (df), root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA), goodness-of-fit index (GFI), adjusted goodness-of-fit index (AGFI), nonnormed fit index (NNFI), comparative fit index (CFI), parsimony normed fit index (PNFI), and parsimony goodness-of-fit index (PGFI).
TLI = Tucker-Lewis Index; CFI = comparative fit index; GFI = goodness-of-fit index; AGFI = Adjust GFI ; RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation; SRMR = standardized root-mean-square residual, AIC = Akaike information criterion, CAIC = Consistent AIC; NFI = Normed Fit Index; PNFI = Parsimony Normed Fit Index. (a) N = 310.