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Conversely, his helmet is of a characteristic type which, in following decades, was adopted by the Roman armies--who had also copied Parthian and Sasanian horse-archers and armored lancers.
A full examination of all dated archives from the Bit res and the Irigal demonstrates that the fire that destroyed them occurred not at the time of the Parthian conquest, as had previously been supposed, but during the reign of Mithradates II (ca.
1200-300 B.C.), with a small amount of material (glazed ceramics, iron arrowheads) deriving from inhumations from the Parthian period.
Avidius Heliodorus, a Roman official and rhetorician of Greek descent; as suffect consul (appointed to fill out an uncompleted term) (161-168), he commanded the invasion of Parthia nominally led by Emperor Lucius Verus (162-165); defeated the Parthians in a battle near Seleucia (164?), and went on to sack both Seleucia and Ctesiphon; supreme commander in the East, he suppressed a major revolt in Egypt (172); heard false report of the death of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and assumed the throne in the East (April 175); when Marcus Aurelius began to march eastward, Cassius was assassinated by a centurion (July); his usurpation was unrecognized by the Senate, and the Emperor treated his family with notable clemency.
Now Frank Richards' powerful portrayal of the full part he played in the Great War is being reissued by Welsh publishers Parthian as part of the ongoing centenary of the 1914-18 conflict.
Aramaic spellings are given uppercase, but Parthian spellings in Aramaic scripts are given lowercase.
A spokeswoman for publishers Parthian said: "The Welsh Writers' Trust Robin Reeves Prize is in memory of Robin, who was a passionate advocate of developing Wales' identity both culturally and politically.
This helpful work will be an aid to all working with Parthian and Sasanian jewelry, but it does not present the broad synthesizing overview that one might expect, given the title and the distinguished series in which it appears.
The piece of writing that I sent to Parthian Books before being commissioned to write The Blues Are Back in Town was titled "The Sad Crew", and to some extent the idea was that this was kind of a parody of the bestselling book about the Soul Crew, although the person I was sending up the most in the book turned out to be myself.
Boyce's A Reader in Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian |Leiden, 1975~), no systematic effort was expended in issuing revised translations to complement the new textual editions.
On Wednesday in Quebec, Canada, she picked up the 2015 PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) International Young Voices literary prize, beating off opposition from writers from four continents for her short story, Moon Dog, part of her collection of short stories, Clown's Shoes, which is being published by Parthian later this month.
Port Talbot and the Making of Burton, Hopkins, Sheen and All the Others (Parthian, 2015).