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PEBDPartial External Biliary Diversion (liver disease)
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PEBDPerformance-Energy Balanced Duplication (scheduling algorithm)
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At NASPGHAN, the following posters will be presented on October 26: "Symptoms and daily impacts associated with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis and other pediatric cholestatic liver diseases: a qualitative study with patients and caregivers," abstract number 352, and "Systematic literature review of the effect of partial external biliary diversion surgery on clinical and biochemical outcomes in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis patients," abstract number 353.
reported a similar case in which the patient was symptom free and had improvement in height and weight and skin changes on follow up after 2 years.4 In 1988 Whitington and Whitington introduced partial external biliary diversion (cholecystojejunocutaneostomy) for PFIC.5 The results were encouraging but the external biliary fistula wasn't acceptable to most of the children and parents.
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