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Table 3: Plant N uptake, nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), nitrogen agronomic efficiency (NAE) and partial factor productivity of applied N (PFPN) under different fertilization treatments
Table 5: The ANOVA for nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), nitrogen agronomic efficiency (NAE), partial factor productivity of applied N (PFPN), grain yield and net profitability during 2002 and 2003
Is the pattern of TFP growth similar to that of partial factor productivity growth?
Table 1 Annual Growth Rates in Partial Factor Productivity (Yield per Hectare), Rice and Wheat Annual Growth Rate, by Period (%) 1956-85 1956-65 1965-75 1975-85 India Rice 1.74 0.72 1.71 2.51 Wheat 3.11 0.93 4.29 3.56 Pakistan Rice 2.15 1.00 4.13 0.73 Wheat 2.60 0.70 4.53 2.02 Table 2 Annual Rates of Growth in Total Factor Productivity in the Crops Sector Annual Growth Rate, by Period (%) 1956-85 1956-05 1965-75 1975-85 India 1.01 0.81 1.22 0.98 Pakistan 1.07 1.65 1.86 -0.36 Indian Punjab 1.33 1.62 1.48 0.69 Pakistani Punjab 1.06 1.42 2.13 -0.84 Note: Trends are estimated based on three-year moving averages, centered on years indicated.
Partial factor productivity, agronomic efficiency, and economic analyses of maize in wheat-maize cropping system in Pakistan.
TFPDM =VPFPLX PFPK.(square root of partial factor productivity of labor (PFPL) multiplied with partial factor productivity of capital(PFPK)
However, it is important to note that in a situation where capital intensity (FC/L) has been increasing overtime, the analysis for partial factor productivity changes would overstate the increase in labor productivity and understate the increase in capital productivity.
The indices of partial factor productivity of labor in private limited company had increased more than three-fold, while capital productivity had increased only by 16 units during the study period.
The partial factor productivity indices of Public Corporations showed an unexpected and appreciable increase in labor productivity and slight increase in capital productivity during the period of study.
Key words: Small Farms Inverse Relationship Farm Productivity Total Factor Productivity Partial Factor Productivity Irrigation Productivity Labour Productivity Institutional and Non-institutional credit Off Farm Income On Farm Income Cropping Intensity Gujrat Mandi Bahuddin Pakistan.
Although the core objective of the study was to re-examine the inverse relationship but as per best knowledge of authors none of the previous work has covered such large range of dimensions (total and partial factor productivity cropping intensity on and off farm households' income institutional and non-institutional credit gross/profit margins) regarding various farm size categories which has been highlighted in the forthcoming results and discussion parts.
The section delineates the major analytical tools to gauge total and partial factor productivity cropping intensity and analyze distinctions of various indicators (i.e.
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