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PARMProgram Accountability and Risk Management (US DHS)
PARMPower-Aware Real-Time Message (message scheduling algorithm)
PARMProgram Acquisition Resource Manager
PARMParticipating Manager
PARMParticipating Acquisition Resource Manager
PARMPost Attack Resource Management
PARMProject Accounting and Risk Management (software)
PARMPersistent Antiradiation Missile
PARMProgramme Approval, Review and Modification (Project Management)
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An essential element of the in-company project criteria is that the participating manager will be given the opportunity to work closely with the strategic decision makers in the company.
* provide a network for participating managers which will be of value in their future career;
The ECDP director, two HR managers, and an HR specialist work in unison with the campus champions and ECDP participating managers to make the plan come to life and stay focused.
The correlations between the pre- and post-assessment scores for the 55 participating managers were calculated.
For this purpose, participating managers were interviewed to obtain their judgement concerning the method's value and practical applicability.
Subsequently, the value of the decision support provided was evaluated with the participating managers. This type of detailed empirical testing is lacking in the other two frameworks.
As McDonald outlines, it is essential that senior managers know what realistically to expect from marketing planning, that they are involved in the planning process and all participating managers have clear up-front expectations.
The META 360 [degrees] process begins with an orientation session to help participating managers understand what to expect from the process, how to profit most from it, and the importance of rater selection and education.
In contrast, participating managers reap numerous benefits from this program.
Eor transactions not "corrected," there would be second tier taxes of up to 200% of the amount involved on the disqualified person and 50% (up to $10,000) for participating managers.
Participating managers provided names of employees with whom they would be conducting PAIs in the time period from two to six months from the date contacted.
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