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PVVPartij Voor de Vrijheid (Party For Freedom; The Netherlands)
PVVPersonas Que Viven Con VIH (Spanish: People Living with Hiv)
PVVPressure Vent Valve
PVVPin Verification Value
PVVPotato Virus V
PVVProgramvareverkstedet (Software Workshop, Norwegian organization)
PVVPlat Van Voor (Dutch: flat chested)
PVVProduction Volume Variance
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Just a few years ago, Arnoud van Doorn, a prominent Dutch politician from an educated and privileged family, was the vice president of the far right Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) in the Netherlands, an unashamedly anti-immigration and anti-Islamic party led by the infamous Geert Wilders.
No one in The Netherlands disputes the need for these economies to be made, but with the coming to stage of a right wing populist party, Wilder's Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party of Freedom) and the role in the wings that was allowed to this party by the conservative and Christian-Democrat parties that have formed a government since 2010, a climate of culture bashing has become apparent, causing a multitude of anger, sorrow, and turmoil among those active in the field of music, theatre, cinematography, and public broadcasting.
The PVV - which stands for Partij voor de Vrijheid, or Party for Freedom - style themselves as an anti-immigration and anti-Islam party and are headed by leader Geert Wilders, 47, who is noted for his swept-back blond hair.