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The Partnership for a Drug-Free America has revealed that it isn't afraid to resort to gross-out tactics if it gets through to kids.
Perhaps the Partnership for a Drug-Free America's next ad campaign will take on those policies.
From the network suites of ABC to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America to officialdom in Washington, D.C., the movers and shakers are hobbled by dependency on this nation's legal drug sellers--the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical firms which are all too happy to focus anti drug ire elsewhere.
* The Partnership for a Drug-free America has taken the entire ninth floor for new offices in 352 Park Avenue South.
"We are very concerned about the availability and use of medications without a doctor's prescription," says Scan Clark, executive vice president of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. "Internet savvy teens know it is as easy to obtain an abusable prescription drug from a rogue online pharmacy as it is to go shopping or download a song.
That is exactly what the MBTA appears to be doing, since it gladly runs ads from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. As MBTA spokesman Brian Pedro told National Public Radio, "You have to draw the line somewhere."
In 2006 many of us were made aware of an alarming trend known as "pharming." This practice involves teenagers intentionally abusing a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications in order to get "high." The Partnership for a Drug-Free America approached the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) with the hopes of getting pharmacists involved in its awareness campaign.
APhA, ONDCP and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America believe that expanded distribution channels of educational materials on this subject will allow pharmacists to serve as a useful source of information for concerned parents.
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America reported last week that teen use of Ecstasy rose 20 percent last year--and has increased a mind-boggling 71 percent since 1999.
Otherwise, The Partnership for a Drug-Free America would be the The Partnership for People Looking for New Jobs.
In recent years the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which is supported partly by donations from tobacco companies, has helped reinforce this stereotype.
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