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EDCVPasewalk (airport code; Germany)
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They postulate that the presumed change was the result of either a severe psychic trauma suffered when his unit was attacked with mustard gas in the trenches close to the Belgian town of Ypern in October 1918, or from the psychiatric treatment he supposedly received afterwards in the Northern German town of Pasewalk, where he was a patient at the local military hospital from October 21 to November 19 of that year.
Hitler hid his war record so successfully, according to Weber, that General Kurt von Schleicher claimed that Hitler's "tales" were a "fabrication." But accounts of "Hitler's treatment at Pasewalk" had no discernible impact on a German public already blinded by Hitler's promises of new visions of a thousand-year Third Reich.
He said discovering the letters was 'crucial' because Hitler's medical file, at the Pasewalk military hospital in Germany, was destroyed.
The company currently has 58 employees and occupies a new factory in Pasewalk, near the Baltic Sea.
The smart metering managed service will enable German utilities to adhere to recent and forthcoming European Union's rules and will be implemented for the first time by Stadtwerke Pasewalk, a municipal utility that operates in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
By the next morning he was blind and was shipped to a hospital in Pasewalk near Stettin.
On a train station bench in Pasewalk, his mother leaves Peter to wait while she buys tickets.
In 1829, Hegel's popularity was such that an officer in the second cavalry regiment in the tiny garrison town of Pasewalk informed Hegel in a letter how transcripts of his lectures circulated among the officers as valuable treasures.
The second Decision aims to amend Decision C(93)2480 on the application of the aforementioned Regulation which, in Germany, classified the Pasewalk and Uechermunde zones in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania as areas at "medium risk" of forest fire.