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P/FPoll/Final Bit
P/FPaO2/FIO2 (oxygenation index; respiratory care)
P/FPresent Given Future
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The state Legislature made final revisions to the accountability system last spring, replacing a pass/fail system of rating schools and districts.
There was not statistically significant difference between the infants' Pass/Fail result variables and exposure to pesticides (Table 2).
The third option is to create an elliptical pass/fail system based on an equation set forth by the Color Manufacturing Council (Figure 3).
Fourth, the overall process involved in validating the pass/fail score for the NBDHE was presented.
easy-to-read pass/fail parameters and an on-board memory to keep statistical results, offers far greater accuracy and ease-of-use.
* Permitting flexibility in achieving meaningful use and avoiding a "pass/fail" approach.
TruScan is a robust Raman spectrometer with an integrated bar-code reader, on-board computer, and proprietary chemometric algorithms which provide users with an instant pass/fail result requiring no further analysis.
In addition to OTDR event analysis, pass/fail acceptance values can be set to alert the test operator of failing or marginal events.
Using the AFG, the contractor was able to easily measure when the 50kgf threshold was reached and receive audible and visual pass/fail alarms for each test.
HTS alleges that the agency: improperly evaluated proposals under the most important technical evaluation factor on a pass/fail basis; improperly evaluated the protester's past performance; and failed to conduct an adequate price/technical tradeoff.
Checker 252 vision sensor includes all inspection capabilities of the Checker vision sensor family, plus additional software sensors that verify height, width, and diameter and deliver pass/fail results on high-speed production lines.