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Some men might feel they need to rush to the bathroom to pass urine and some might feel they are unable to empty their bladders fully.
Wiping from back to front after a bowel movement, having sexual intercourse, and waiting too long to pass urine, are some of the causes of UTIs in women.
The specialist will take a detailed history and ask how often you pass urine - and how much - as well as how much fluid you drink," explains Zaki.
Common symptoms to be aware of in men include: Having to rush to the toilet to pass |urin| Needing to pass urine more often | than usual, especially at night, Diculty passing urine.
The medical term for awakening at night to pass urine is nocturia (knock TOO ree uh).
Symptoms include having to rush to the toilet to pass urine, the feeling of burning whilst passing urine, blood in urine or semen and pain in the back, hips or pelvis.
The symptoms of BPH include difficulty initiating urination, straining to pass urine, frequent urination, repeated awakening at night to urinate, incomplete emptying of the bladder, and even the inability to urinate.
The tubes that pass urine from the Kidneys down to the bladder are very tiny in all dogs and in a 4Kg puppy they are very small indeed.
Symptoms of this can include pain on passing urine, a need to pass urine more often, and also pelvic pain.
The most common symptoms of prostate cancer, and a non-cancerous enlarged prostate, include having to rush to the toilet to pass urine, difficulty passing urine, passing urine more often especially at night, pain on passing urine or blood in urine or semen.
Doctors went on to insert a catheter to allow him to pass urine, before allowing him to go home.
Because the prostate is surrounded by firm capsule, when it reaches a certain size it pushes on the bladder opening, making it more difficult to pass urine.