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PJPetaling Jaya (Selangor, Malaysia)
PJPolly Jean Harvey (singer)
PJPearl Jam (band)
PJPartido Justicialista (Argentina)
PJPeter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director)
PJPeach John (Japan)
PJPrivate Jet
PJPapa John's (Pizza)
PJPineapple Juice
PJPastoral Juvenil (Spanish: Youth Ministry)
PJPort Jervis (New York, USA)
PJPolice Jurisdiction
PJPersonal Jesus
PJPerpetuum Jazzile (Slovenian choir)
PJPersonal Jurisdiction (Law)
PJPrinceton Junction (train station)
PJPolice Judiciaire (France)
PJPolícia Judiciária (Portugal)
PJPomegranate Juice
PJPlain Jane
PJPararescue Jumper
PJPigeon John (singer)
PJPear Juice
PJPeriodic Jitter
PJPractical Joke
PJPresiding Judge (courts)
PJPurple Jesus (drink)
PJPhoto-Journalist (USAF)
PJPersonal Joke (Internet slang)
PJPuddle Jumper
PJPièce Jointe (French :Email attachment)
PJProject Justice (video game)
PJPeta-Joule (10^15 Joules)
PJPump Jack (oilfield equipment)
PJPassive Jamming
PJParty Juice (alcoholic beverage)
PJProcess Job (SEMI Carrier Management term)
PJPoor Joke
PJPurchase Journal
PJPaintball Junkies
PJPrunus Japonica
PJPrecessing Jet (nozzle)
PJProvincia Jujuy (Argentina province, airline code)
PJPulse Jitter
PJProcurement Justification
PJPile Jump (gaming)
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Besides, State Machine Building Design Bureau "Vympel" manufactures: UV-30MK passive jamming ejection device, Nowdays, "Raduga State Machine Building Design Bureau" JSC manufactures guided weaponry of wide range such as Ovod-ME missile system with Kh-59ME missile, Kh-59MK long-range guided missile, and also Kh-58E air-to-radar stations and many others.
the Katran carries an AA missile/gun system: the 100mm A--190-5P--10E universal gun system (consisting of the A190 gun and the 5P--10E universal fire control radar), as well as the PK--10 decoy dispensing system (two or four KT--216 launchers) for passive jamming.
* Passive jamming, achieved by increasing or decreasing of reflection of radar transmitting signal from artificial or natural objects on land, sea surface or in air.
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