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PIRSPassive Infrared Sensor
PIRSPapers in Regional Science (journal)
PIRSPublic Information and Reference Service
PIRSProject Information Retrieval System
PIRSPoslovni Informator Republike Slovenije (Business Directory of Republic of Slovenia)
PIRSPolice Information Retrieval System (database; Canada)
PIRSParliamentary Information and Research Service (Canada)
PIRSPacific Immigrant Resources Society (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
PIRSPropulsion Information Retrieval System
PIRSPangaea International Receivable Services (Kalispell, MT)
PIRSPollution Incident Reporting System
PIRSPersonnel Information Reporting System
PIRSPulsed Infrared System
PIRSPatent Image Retrieval System
PIRSFCC Public Information and Reference Services
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The stimulus either generates a frequency consistent with a Doppler shift or infrared energy consistent with the detection parameters of a passive infrared sensor.
Pyreos' Gesture and Proximity Sensor capabilities, founded on its passive infrared sensor technology, are believed to use power of microWatts, and the energy efficiency of these are 'several orders of magnitude' over other rival technologies.
The lighting control components include light sensors, relays, passive infrared sensors, resistors, switches and more.
Radar, microwave and passive infrared sensors that offer the advantage of covering a larger area than a typical camera, will also be assessed.
Mr Chimera says they should have taken security further by installing passive infrared sensors (PIR).
With a longer range than passive infrared sensors, it covers a wide field of detection, while minimizing the number of false alarms triggered by spiders, small animals, moving shadows and light reflections.
Koova's unique ability to send human face alerts greatly reduces common false alarm triggered by popular passive infrared sensors and typical audio sensors.
When the infrared radiation that our bodies give off interacts with battery-powered passive infrared sensors (PIRs), software can communicate to network receivers.
Target tracking approach with two passive infrared sensors suggested in [8] cannot be used in cases where the distance between the sensors and the target is less than the value determined by the maximum output power of the sensors (saturation limit).
Australia's V-Tol Aerospace produces the i-Gimbal stabilised pay-load which contains an optional CCD television camera, active and passive infrared sensors, a thermal imaging camera, laser-rangefinders and a laser designator.
The WVC2300 also has two input and two output ports that can be used for connecting the camera to an alarm panel, siren, passive infrared sensors, smoke detectors, lighting switch or door sensors.--Linksys
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