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Passwords on the top 100 worst passwords list include simple numbers or words, such as '111111', 'sunshine', 'princess', '666666' and '654321'.
The worst passwords list was generated after evaluating 5 million passwords leaked on the internet.
The passwords list will flag reused passwords, too.
Our findings suggest that top passwords list in adaptive password checking should be replaced with top clusters to reach a higher level of security.
( According to SplashData's annual worst passwords list, 123456 is ( still the top choice . 
The Los Gatos, Calif.-based cybersecurity firm SplashData's fifth annual "Worst Passwords List" report revealed people continue to put themselves at risk for data breaches and identity theft by using weak, guessable passwords.
Releasing its annual Worst Passwords list, SplashData said it was the first time "password" had lost its number-one position, changing places with its numerical rival.
Visit the Default Passwords List website - your passwords are probably there, for the world to see.
The names of children and football teams came third and fourth respectively in the favourite passwords list, a poll of 1,013 people found.
Holt also said "it was a mistake" that Acxiom had a passwords list on its FTP server, which Levine gained access to, under the directory name "pw."
Aside from the "123456" number sequence and the word "password," other commonly used and easily hacked passwords made SplashData's Worst Passwords list of 2013 including "abc123," "iloveyou," "qwerty," "admin," "letmein," "princess" and "111111." Check out the complete list below.
Security-focused developer SplashData declared that "123456" has beaten "password," which topped the 2012 worst passwords list, Cnet reports.