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PFHPhillips Flat Head (screw)
PFHPennies from Heaven
PFHProcurement for Housing (social housing; Derbyshire, UK)
PFHPer Finished Hour (audiobook industry)
PFHProbability of Failure per Hour
PFHPopular Financial Holdings (Popular, Inc.)
PFHPotential Future Husband
PFHPersonal, Family or Household (consumers)
PFHPlanet Field Hockey (international coverage)
PFHPartners for Health
PFHPutters From Heaven
PFHPopulation and Family Health Program (World Bank)
PFHPast Family History (medical data)
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On the basis of past family history, both Bago and Grey Swallow have had stamina doubts but have ultimately proven themselves over the trip, the former never running out of the places.