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Before you decide to patent it yourself, the following guidance by the Federal Circuit in Nilssen's case may be of some assistance: "The patent process is a complicated one," said the court, "one that requires both technical and legal credentials in order to effectively prosecute patents for inventors.
Making reference to steps in the patent process described in Pressman's Patent It Yourself, this companion guide describes the invention process and how to keep records of it for legal protection, marketing, and financing; and it provides a place for those records and for design drawings, which takes up one-third of the book.
Design engineer and high-technology trainer Grissom and attorney, former patent examiner, and author (Patent It Yourself) Pressman explain to inventors how to maintain good records of the inventing process, create a legal record that they invented an invention first, convince others of its work, proceed realistically toward commercial potential, and organize all the information in one place.