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If the path bandwidth is closer to the bandwidth demand, the more likely the path will be allocated to the flow.
Both a fixed delay caused by the limited path bandwidth (1 MHz) and a fixed multiplication factor caused by the VCO gain [K.sub.VCO] (5 MHz/V) are observed between the curves of [f.sub.in] and [V.sub.C] with similar waveforms.
1(b) one can obtain different values for the path bandwidth for different slot reservation algorithms: for instance, 1 slot (Fig.
Besides a greater path bandwidth, the reservation scheme in Fig.
The path bandwidth is defined as the minimum of the number of reserved slots in each row.
For the beginning, in the attempt to obtain larger values for the path bandwidth, we have tested different selection methods for the GA.
As the results obtained for the average path bandwidth outperform those reported in the existing reference approaches ([5] and [8]), we have limited our research for the moment only to the solution of "repairing" unfeasible individuals.
The new [i.sub.th] bandwidth request [Br.sub.i] has to be less than or equal to the minimum of the IEEE 802.16m system bandwidth [B.sub.tol], and the minimum of the path bandwidth Min(Bp) where p is a link in path P (p=1,2..l p belongs to P) after making reservations for minimum sustained rate of each AMS Yi.
Here are the numbers: EMC reports that each dedicated connection is capable of transporting data at 500 MB per second, resulting in a total data path bandwidth of 64 GB per second.