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PATIPendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (Indonesian: Foreign Immigrants without Permission; Indonesia)
PATIPublic Access to Information (Bermuda)
PATIPenetrating Abdominal Trauma Index
PATIProfessional Athlete Transition Institute (Quinnipiac University; Hamden, CT)
PATIPassive Airborne Time-Difference Intercept Automatic Direction Finding
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Ten months later, antsy to return to her family, Pati renounced her exile in Mexico and caught a bus to El Salvador.
Liverpool crown court heard Costello and an accomplice targeted Mr Pati on Hall Lane in Kensington when the pair approached him and demanded to use his mobile phone, becoming increasingly aggressive.
The final tests, scheduled for this month, will complete the assessment of the PATI unit's sterilizing power and enable the company to specify pre-production prototypes for manufacture.
Pupils Pati Werens and Ben Githu have fun in the playground during the new-look lunch break at St Anne's Primary School.
Indu Pati, 38, volunteer worker, South Shields: Any method that will help make children's education a serious matter should be tried.
Head coach Pati Pati walks onto the field, and the players fall silent.
When I looked it up in my dictionary, however, I found that the words passive and passion come from the same Latin root, pati, which means 'to endure.
Duncan Fletcher, director of PATI, says the biggest misperception people have is that athletes are all millionaires who can just play golf and watch TV after their sports careers end.
All were expertly applied by top makeup artist Pati Dubroff.
VICTIM Jack Hensley poses happily for a Christmas photo with wife Pati and daughter Sara.