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If Paul had received more than eighteen shillings a week he would not have lived in an attic.
I'm grieved,' said Paul, 'to seem unkind: The money shalt of course be lent: But, for a week or two, I find It will not be convenient.
Paul and Lloyd seemed born to rivalry with each other, and I to be peacemaker between them.
Paul adored her, and the companionship between them was beautiful to see.
That was all Paul, the butler, would say, and Paul was obviously a partisan.
Paul Ford understood very well that he (God's minister), the church, the town, and even Christianity itself was suffering; and must suffer still more unless--
Could this splendid six feet of manhood be the little Paul of Avonlea schooldays?
Mother," he called, "are you aware that Paul has been playing the fool again?
A curious proof of the subtlety of these Paul Ferroll books in the appeal they made to the imagination is the fact that I came to them fresh from 'Romolo,' and full of horror for myself in Tito; yet I sympathized throughout with Paul Ferroll, and was glad when he got away.
Madame Aubain finally slid into the ditch, after shoving first Virginia and then Paul into it, and though she stumbled several times she managed, by dint of courage, to climb the other side of it.
Come, Sir Knights," spoke Paul of Merely, "we will ride within and learn what manner of churls inhabit this ancient rookery.
The breathing of Paul grew louder and deeper, and more than once Ellen trembled at she knew not what, as she felt the quivering of his active frame, while she leaned dependently on his arm for support.