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Lista lexica usada por Tessman (1930) con informacion para los cuatro dialectos de cashibo-cacataibo N Aleman Espanol Bajo Aguaytia San Alejandro 1 ZUNGE LENGUA ana ana 2 ZAHN DIENTE sita zita 3 AUGE OJO Biru wiru 4 UHR OREJA paBi pawi 5 KOPF CABEZA maska, mapuso mapuzo 6 HAND MANO mikin migi 7 WASSER AGUA ?
Construction of fire temple complexes (New Persian atas gah, atas kada, Pahlavi ataxs gah, atas kadag, other terms are used as well) for medieval and contemporary praxes witnessed separatory furrows (Parsi Gujarati and New Persian kas < Pahlavi kas, kis) being marked permanently into a stone tile floor (nowadays the floors may even be composed of ceramic tile), and the term pawi is often used loosely to refer to the demarcating lines (now basically a narrow channel or groove) plus the enclosed area itself.
31) In religious terms, karsa- mark a region isolated from confusion--a vara-, gatauu-, or pawi distinguished by its own status, governed by divine law and regulated by clergy.
The vara-, gatauu-, pawi or precinct is constructed upon the earth on soil (which arises from weathering of stone) or on tile (also made of stone or ceramic).
On the pawi, see further Kotwal and Boyd, A Persian Offering, 4, 18-19, 32-33, 43, 62; and Williams and Boyd, Ritual Art and Knowledge, 26-27, 32, 48.
People hardly knew of the pawi until the 1980s, when Dr.
Hunted faster than it was able to multiply, and rapidly losing its preferred habitat of pristine forests and fresh water, the pawi, which is endemic to Trinidad, has been listed as endangered since the early 1980s, although there are not much formal data on its numbers.
A large, striking bird, the pawi (Pipile pipile) weighs between five and a half and seven pounds and has a wingspan of up to two feet.
The first time Fournillier saw a pawi, in the Cumana Forest, in northeastern Trinidad, "I froze immediately, I was elated," he recalls.
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