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PAXPixel Addressing Extensions
PAXParallel Architecture Extended
PAXPathway Data Exchange
PAXPaired Box Gene
PAXPaxon (Network)
PAXPatuxent River Naval Air Station (Maryland)
PAXPrivate Automatic Exchange
PAXPenny-Arcade Exposition (video game convention)
PAXPortable Archive Exchange
PAXPer Annum Exclusive
PAXPotassium Amyl Xanthate
PAXProgramming, Administration and Execution System (US Army)
PAXPoly Aluminium Chloride
PAXPicatinny Arsenal Explosive
PAXProfiling Agent for Exchange
PAXPassenger Assistance Required (VRE)
PAXPer Annum Exchange
PAXProfessional Autocrossers
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El Paxon o pasado en tsotsil y tseltal refiere a un varon que ya sirvio en el sistema de cargos dentro de la comunidad y que, por lo tanto, merece respeto.
t]--Deaton (1997) and Deaton & Paxon (1994) propose to use a set of dummy variables of cohorts, age and years.
This compromise also required schools to develop a "wellness policy" and identify specific goals for nutrition and exercise standards, but provided no additional funding or specific mandates to develop these policies (Haskins, Paxon, & Donahue, 2006).
Arrangements by Pegg, Paxon & Springer Funeral Chapel in Beaverton.
Contributors such as Joy, Kaufman, Kline, Paxon, Jackson, and Mitchell focus the lion's share of their expositions on the merits and appeal of reading Levinas in dialogue with leading works of English literature of the Middle Ages, whereas others (including Kraman, Goodhart, Astell, and Gold) offer compelling readings of Levinas's celebrated Talmudic readings as symptomatic of the manner in which one may approach medieval literature in a critical, yet literary manner.
Brian is a competitive bicycle racer, and one day, towing Paxon along for a training run, he got himself crossway's with the dog's leash and nipped over the handle bars.
EDITORS NOTE: For more on the Paxon and Oliver cases, read Arn Tellem's Op/Ed on the Huffington Post entitled Advice and Constraint (http://www.
When young Tom Paxon announces plans to drive an ambulance in France, his father asks about Tom's college education.
The week after these events in Texas occurred, Frank Goodin, a first-year teacher at Paxon School for Advanced Studies--a magnet high school in Jacksonville, Florida--presented several excerpts from the film in a TV production class.
Moreover, Paxon points out, memories have agency; they are acts.
And Anne Case, Christina Paxon, and coauthors (12667, 13495) continue to provide evidence that the income gradient in children's health becomes steeper as children age.
Paxon, "Fast, Approximate Synthesis of Fractional Gaussian Noise for Generating Self-Similar Network Traffic," ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, Vol.