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PLBPipe Lay Barge
PLBPulse Length Limiting & Blanking
PLBPlanning and Landing Bureau (Hong Kong)
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The team decided to leverage the MCAD flow when analyzing the critical areas within the avionics bay, and the ECAD flow when analyzing the critical areas within the payload bay. Specifically:
Although essentially a cargo carrier, the payload bay can accommodate tankage for propellant supply to orbit-based operations, upper stages for orbit transfer operations and, once endurance certification is achieved, a cabin module for 30 passengers.
He was the payload commander for this mission and the lead on Biorack, a small multipurpose laboratory Located in the Spacehab module carried in the shuttle payload bay. Biorack was used for technology development, fundamental biology research and environment characterization.
Beginning in May, the orbiter's payload bay doors will be opened, a meticulous three-week process, allowing guests to see inside the space shuttle's payload bay as never before.
There are unmanned systems on the market right now that cost a fraction of the Shadow, get two to three times its flight endurance on half the fuel, have multi-sensor payload bays, and are also compatible with the One System Ground Control System (OSGCS).
The craft, which is 8.9 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, has a payload bay roughly the size of a pickup truck.
As mission commander Rick Husband and pilot Willie McCool monitored Columbia's around-the-world in-90-minutes orbit, the other five members of the crew carried out eighty different experiments in the laboratory modules bolted into its payload bay. There would be no spacewalks, no docking with the International Space Station, and no need for the fifty-foot robot arm, which had been left behind to save weight.
Astronauts Sandra Magnus and Douglas Hurley used the space station's hulking robot arm to hoist the bus-size container out of Atlantis' payload bay and attach it to the orbiting outpost.
(1322 GMT) for the six and a half hour spacewalk, aimed at retrieving a failed ammonia pump from the orbiting lab and moving it to the shuttle's payload bay for return to Earth.
The Air Force needed to launch heavy payloads up to 65,000 pounds to orbit and needed a payload bay of 15 x 60 feet to accommodate the largest satellites.
The orbiter, roughly 37 meters long and weighing as much as 80 metric tons, houses the crew and the payload bay, where cargo is packed.
It is about 29 feet long by 15 feet wide, with a payload bay about the size of a pickup truck bed.