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402Payment Required (HTTP status code; never used, intended as error for nonpayment)
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Next, the order prohibits Cowboy Toyota from misrepresenting the cost of leasing a vehicle, including the total amount due at lease inception, the down payment required, the acquisition fee, any other payments required at the beginning of the lease, and the amount of all monthly payments over the term of the lease.
For just $50 per month only, parents can start saving for the down payment required for their children to obtain a housing loan in the future, with a guaranteed discount on interest rate and life insurance cover.
The sum of $60,000 is the minimum payment required for airline fatalities under international law, which has no payment figure for bus crashes.
Additionally, the AFR interest paid under the installment note, which flows back into the grantor's estate, is less than the 120%-of-AFR annuity payment required under the GRAT rules.
Advance reservations & payment required to avoid $10 surcharge at door.
Delivery takes two weeks, with no payment required in the first 90 days.
Beyond leveraging unencumbered fixed assets or arranging a second mortgage from the vendor, the only alternative is to find a lender not bound by strict formulas that can use term funds, either alone or in combination with subordinated debt, or find a private investor that will provide the down payment required to obtain a loan from a conventional lender.
6045(f) for the portion of a payment required to be reported under the vendor reporting provisions contained in Sec.
This is a fancy term for a nonrefundable payment required at lease inception.
Francine Andres, president of the Sudbury Home Builders Association (SHBA), says the association's membership is optimistic about 1992, particularly since the federal government has reduced the minimum down payment required for a home purchase to five per cent.