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PSSSparallel sequence spread spectrum (physical layer for RF communication)
PSSSParallel Sequence Spread Spectrum (coding technique for RF signals)
PSSSPoly Sodium 4 Styrenesulfonate (chemistry)
PSSSPayment and Securities Settlement Systems (banking)
PSSSProcess Specific Support Systems
PSSSPower Strip Space Saver (Philips)
PSSSPublic Security Surveillance System (Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation)
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The decision to extend the settlement day comes after a review began in early 2014 by the Bank of England as settlement agent for the major sterling payment and securities settlement systems, changes were then chosen by CHAPS and CREST system operators.
Nesmith, 2008, "Risk and concentration in payment and securities settlement systems," Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol.
"Risk and Concentration in Payment and Securities Settlement Systems." Journal of Monetary Economics 55, no.
Internal Market and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, who is known to be against any new legislation on clearing and settlement unless absolutely necessary to minimise systemic risk, said on 16 May that outside opinions 'will help us to establish whether or not the Settlement Finality Directive needs to be revised, and to ensure that the EU's payment and securities settlement systems remain safe and secure'.
It was partly on the basis of this recommendation that the EU began work on the Directive on Settlement Finality in Payment and Securities Settlement Systems (Settlement Finality Directive).