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PCAPPacket Capture
PCAPPeterborough Coalition Against Poverty (Canada)
PCAPPrenatal Care Assistance Program (now Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services)
PCAPPresidential Climate Action Project
PCAPProgrammer Capability
PCAPPan-Canadian Assessment Program (Department of Education)
PCAPPrestressed Concrete Association of Pennsylvania
PCAPPredisposing for Prostate Cancer
PCAPParthenon Capital LLC
PCAPPennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems
PCAPPetroleum Corrective Action Plan (California)
PCAPPropagation Code Analysis Program
PCAPPersonal Computer Applications Programming (Las Vegas, Nevada)
PCAPPrinceton Circuit Analysis Program (simulation and hardware modelling)
PCAPPatient-Controlled Analgesic Pump (narcotics delivery)
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Added to this is MAPS[TM] IuPC interface emulator to support UMTS IuPC interface procedures between RNC and SAS using PCAP protocol.
In addition, these PCAP touch panel PCs are equipped with Mini PCI e socket and Wi-Fi antenna holes for usage in environments that require wireless connectivity.
The PCAP uses multiple stages and sources of cooling to serve the airplanes' unique requirements and provide system operational flexibility.
The PCAP has two main purposes: "(a) to help ministries and departments of education make informed decisions about education, and (b) to determine how prepared 13-year-old students are for the academic challenges of high school" (CMEC, n.
PCAP touch panels are now available in larger panel sizes, enabling designers to bring this same experience to embedded systems where the durability, reliability, and overall performance of this technology can add substantial value to their systems, but there are design considerations and integration challenges to overcome unlike with any other touch technology.
MX53 Quick Start Break-Out with 7-inch LCD and PCAP Touch Kit is not the everyday capacitive touch solution.
Upon enrolling in PCAP, women are required by legislative mandate to divulge a broad swath of information about their lives--an "informational canvassing" that usually occurs at the woman's first visit to her obstetrician for prenatal care.
An increase in the PtBA and PCAP amount in the formulations might increase the flexibility as they could act as plasticizers in the coating system.
By transparently applying the power of hardware-acceleration to packet capture, time-stamping, measurement, filtering and multi-CPU load-balancing, PCAP Express 10G enables easy scaling of libpcap-based applications such as Wireshark, tcpdump or Snort, to 10Gbps performance, with standard, cost-effective server hardware.
The new release is said to include a range of new features, including: support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP); support for NAT IP pools; the Clavister Device Monitor; support for PCAP recording; anti-spam functionality; support for Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP); extended Broadcom support; as well as enhanced support for SNMPv2c.
AGC applauds the PCAP program and looks forward to working with the department to increase the compliance assistance that the association can provide to these firms," said Sandherr.
When the Sheetz Convenience Store in Altoona, PA put in an application for sale of beer, PCAP asked that the Pennsylvania Liquor Board reject the application.