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PCCAPlains Cotton Cooperative Association
PCCAPrincipal Chief Controller of Accounts
PCCAPortable Computer and Communications Association
PCCAPropionyl-CoA Carboxylase, Alpha Subunit
PCCAProfessional Compounding Centers of America, Inc. (pharmacists)
PCCAPine Castle Christian Academy (Orlando, FL, USA)
PCCAPurkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Antibody (biology)
PCCAPower & Communication Contractors Association
PCCAPewter Collectors Club of America (est. 1934)
PCCAPresa Canario Club of America
PCCAPost Card Collectors Association
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PCCA's Construction Industry Roundtable once again provided a variety of viewpoints on the industry to a room packed with PCCA members.
PK Software, a unit of PCCA, provides software support, including billing compliance as well as quality assurance.
Founded in 1953, PCCA today is owned by about 15,000 cotton producers in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico.
According to Anson Yu of Coconuts Manila, the online news agency, the PCCA said the temple would be reconstructed in the same style as before "except it will be larger in size.
15) "Nordchurchaid Announces 500th Flight in Sao Tome Airlift," 30 October 1968, PCCA File 1973-5005-6-5.
PCCA provides medications to patients after they have become unavailable commercially.
Additionally, the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML/TF) Code of Conduct (Amended, 2012) supplements the PCCA and provides risk-based approach guidance to businesses while allowing for stiff administrative penalties for violations.
4 in Fisk, MO, for PCCA President Larry Libla, who died Nov.
GusBassani, vice president consulting, R&D and formulations for PCCA, remarked, "PCCA is pleased to partner with and designate Univar as the exclusive distributor for NataPres, a unique, patent-pending, natural blend, with preservative properties for the personal care industry.
The results from PCCA indicated that the contribution of PI and EI to the degree of the correlation between canonical variables for X and Z sets were unfavourable.
Asher's group have constructed a photonic glucose sensor in the form of thin acrylamide PCCA hydrogel films that contain glucose molecular recognition elements (3, 6, 7).