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Hinz et al., "Pluripotency gene expression and growth control in cultures of peripheral blood monocytes during their conversion into programmable cells of monocytic origin (PCMO): evidence for a regulatory role of autocrine activin and TGF-[beta]," PLoS One, vol.
Further, the PCMO's low rating for ring groove deposits is also of much concern, as ring groove deposits can lead to ring sticking.
Sequence IIIF Results Oil MCO PCMO API Performance API SJ API SJ JASO Performance MA2 MA2 Viscosity Grade 15W-40 15W-40 SJ Limit|4| KV Increase @40[degrees]C @60 hrs (%) 36.3 221.2 325 max.
PCMO was first described by Irvine in 1953 and demonstrated angiographically by Gass and Norton in 1966 leading to the term Irvine-Gass syndrome.
The exact cause of PCMO is unclear but may be due to inflammation associated with surgical trauma, secondary to phacoemulsification energy, vitreous-macular traction, or posterior vitritis.
The diagnosis of PCMO can generally be made on clinical examination through dilated fundoscopy.
During August 19-September 30, 2013, anonymized Internet surveys assessing knowledge about, experience with, and perceptions of malaria and chemoprophylaxis were administered to PCVs and PCMOs serving in 18 African countries where antimalarial chemoprophylaxis is uniformly recommended.
Responses were received from 974 PCVs and 47 PCMOs, yielding response rates of 42% and 90%, respectively.
PCMOs recognized that chemoprophylaxis should be changed for known side effects.