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PDBProtein Data Bank
PDBPalm Database (Palm Computing Platform file extension)
PDBPower Development Board
PDBProgram Database
PDBPer-Domain Behavior (IETF standard for quality of service))
PDBProject Database
PDBPrimary Database
PDBPower Distribution Board
PDBPassive Diffusion Bag (groundwater sampling)
PDBPower Distribution Box
PDBProduct Database
PDBPeeDee Belemnite
PDBProduk Domestik Bruto (Indonesian: gross domestic product)
PDBPerformance Database
PDBProcedural Database
PDBPattern Database
PDBPetronas Dagangan Berhad (Malaysia)
PDBPartei der Deutschsprachigen Belgier (Party of the German speaking Belgians)
PDBDemocratic Party of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
PDBPaget Disease of Bone
PDBPreliminary Draft Budget (European Commission)
PDBPillsbury Dough Boy
PDBPlanning Database
PDBPromised Day Brigade (Iraq)
PDBPoor Dumb Bastard
PDBParallel Data Base
PDBPontoon and Deck Boat
PDBPilot Data Base
PDBPlant Defense Booster (SafeScience, Inc.)
PDBPure Discount Bond (finance)
PDBPlant Damage Bin
PDBProtein Brookhaven Data
PDBParachutist Drop Bag
PDBProgram Decision Board
PDBPost Development Build (software)
PDBPresident's Daily Brief(ing) (on US Intelligence)
PDBProcess Design Bases (piping)
PDBProduktdatenbeschreibung (German)
PDBPersonal Database
PDBPudong Development Bank (China)
PDBPrescription Drug Benefit
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It was then that an operations research analyst in the PDB designed a Microsoft Access database with a Visual Basic for Applications user interface, resulting in the first Microsoft Windows-based version of OPLOG Planner.
Another option for upgrading the database to Oracle 12c is to first install Oracle 12c and create a CDB and one PDB.
7) While PDB was the only chlorine-containing compound to be found a priority hazard, there were lots of chlorine containing chemicals lower down on the list including hexachlorobutadiene, benzyl chloride, vinyl chloride, methylene chloride, tetrachlorothene, dichloropropane, tetrachloroethane, dichloroethane, trichloroethene, and, of course, chlorine.
In the hit list page the five analogs were selected and retrieved in PDB format and they are taken as ligands.
This article identifies the essential steps in a PDB process and the major levers that can be pushed and pulled to customize PDB to local conditions.
One carefully worded Brookings conclusion, as reported by Walter Pincus of the Washington Post: "Focusing on producing PDB items that would draw favorable comment from Bush could have skewed 'topic selection and treatment in the analytic community.
Likewise, in Subheading 1b (cohesion), while they appreciate the Council's proposal to maintain the PDB commitment amount (49.
In 1988 the Initial TBM Capability was acquired while the software evolved to the PDB-1 and PDB-2 (where PDB stands for Post Deployment Build) release; in the meantime the Mim-104 initial missile had been replaced by the Mim-104 A in which the analogue fuse was replaced by a digital one, which was followed by the Mim-104B, or Stand Off Jammer Counter, which guidance and navigation hardware was modified to allow the missile to fly a lofted trajectory to the jamming source and seek out the strongest emitter during its terminal phase.
France has, under the Geneva UN Economic Commission for Europe Regulation 94 review of frontal impact requirements, pushed for Euro NCAP to switch from using an offset deformable barrier to using the PDB.
Exposure to naphthalene or PDB can induce relatively minor human health problems such as nausea, vomiting, headache, coughing, burning eyes and shortness of breath.
PDB figures (see table) remain indicative until such time as the legislative authority completes the budgetary procedure (see inset).