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PdCIPartito dei Comunisti Italiani (Italian Communist Party)
PdCIParti Democratique de Cote d’Ivoire (Democratic Party of Ivory Coast)
PdCIProduct Data Call-In
PdCIPulte Diversified Companies, Inc. (Pulte Homes, Inc.)
PdCIPacific Diversified Company, Inc. (construction; San Jose, CA)
PdCIPlan Do Check Improve (quality improvement programs
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The argument was still raging both within and outside the PDCI when Bedie preempted it by making an unscheduled radio and TV broadcast, in which he announced that in accordance with the provisions of Article 11, he had assumed the office of president of the Republic "with immediate effect".
La lettre adressee par le President Henri Konan Bedie au Secretaire general du PDCI, Alphonse Djedje Mady, a propos de la structure en charge des preparatifs du 12eme congres du parti, focalise egalement l'attention de la presse ivoirienne.
After two months of almost uninterrupted demonstrations from February to April 1990, the PDCI party, pushed to the wall by domestic and international pressure, was forced to accept multi-party elections, the liberalization of the press, the creation of the independent (anti-government) student union FESCI, and the disbandment of the government-controlled student union Mouvement des Etudiants et Eleves de C6te d'Ivoire (MEECI) (Arnaut 2004: 333).
Employing his influence over Houphouet's PDCI, Bedie began to
Devoid of open opposition and therefore unable to reform itself, the PDCI became a hotbed of intra-party intrigue.
Guei was reportedly convinced that he was the subject of machinations by a northerners aiming to grab power at his expense, and later by the FPI and the PDCI and their core southern ethnic constituencies.
Although some of them--like Georges Niangoran-Bouah or Jean-Marie Ade Adiaffi--had not until then been publicly connected (and in fact were often opposed) to the PDCI, by the mid-1990s they transformed themselves into what Antonio Gramsci defined as intellettuali organici--intellectuals accomplishing the task of systematizing the ideology and fashioning the self-representations of a social class or group (Gramsci 1975: 1513-25).
Meanwhile, Djedje Mady, president of the Rassemblement d'Houphouetists pour la Democratie et la Paix (RHDP), comprising the Republicans (RDR), Democrats (PDCI), and two other parties, says what is essential at this stage is the application of the resolution: "Without its application, the resolution, like previous ones, will be null."
From the time he formed his Parti Democratique de Cote D'Ivoire (PDCI) in 1945 until his death a good 48 years later, Houphouet-Boigny totally dominated Ivorian politics--even though he did not formally become president, for seven successive four-year terms, until 1960!