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Additionally, the logistics officers developed a comprehensive Logistics Concept of Operations in order to support the deployment, sustainment, and redeployment of an A3 Brigade conducting a fictional Peace Enforcement operation in Africa.
The most critical fact to remember is that even a peace enforcement operation can deteriorate rapidly, and only training and wargaming contingencies will prepare your soldiers to react in an appropriate and graduated response.
Subsequently, UNISOM II crossed the "Mogadishu (or Beirut) line" and became a badly flawed peace enforcement operation.
Today it is in danger of becoming a forum for presidents to pursue narrow interests, combined with an infrastructure for peace enforcement operations.
Kosovo and East Timor both experienced regional peace enforcement operations to end violent conflict in 1999, followed by massive operations in which they essentially became trustees of international actors.
authorizes peace enforcement operations under Chapter VII of the UN
Piroon said the training this time will be focused mostly on peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations, with troops also learning to cope with potential crises such as natural disasters.
These organisations undertake short robust stabilisation or peace enforcement operations, whereafter these operations are transformed into multi-dimensional UN peacekeeping missions.
This article argues that using armed force in peace enforcement operations (PEO) need not be reserved for a Last Resort even while preserving the integrity of Just War theory.
Defense budget--to train and equip roughly 75,000 foreign military personnel in peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations over five years.
National believes New Zealand should make an effective contribution to peace enforcement operations, peacekeeping and security, consistent with our treaty obligations such as the Five Power Defence Arrangements with Australia, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore.
We would not, for example, have invited Japanese participation in so-called peace enforcement operations,'' he added.