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PUOSPeaceful Use of Outer Space
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Though the OST established the norm of peaceful use of outer space, on March 23, 1983 the former American President Ronald W.
Al Shaibani also underlined that the "development of space exploration and peaceful use of outer space has countless social and economic benefits for humanity".
Finally, under OST Article IX, contracting States are obliged to avoid any space activity that would cause harmful contamination or adverse changes to the Earth's environment, and to consult with other States before taking any action that could potentially interfere with their peaceful use of outer space, the Moon, or other celestial bodies.
version of "peaceful" in the context of outer space activities; (234) a consensus has developed within the United Nations that "peaceful" more specifically equates to "non-aggressive." (235) Nevertheless, the scope and substance of the notion of "peaceful use of outer space and celestial bodies" remains one of the main sources of controversy surrounding space activities.