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Eventually, even the peak firing pressure (pfp) was constrained to a relatively 'common' value of 200bar on recent engines, in order to avoid compromising too much the engine design for keeping the mechanical efficiency at part load on a high level [6].
Actually, the engine components can operate with peak firing pressure (pfp) values higher than 200 bar.
0 barA of boost, 3000 bar of rail pressure, exhaust temperature of 870 [degrees]C and peak firing pressure of 200 bar have to be enabled for all the speeds.
Experimental investigation of In-cylinder pressure was done and the engine's ignition timing and injection duration was calibrated to operate the engine below peak firing pressure limits, without knocking.
The cylinder Peak Firing Pressure (PFP) is higher in ethanol combustion compared to natural gas combustion.
Engine peak firing pressure was measured using pressure sensor instrumented spark plug.
At these temperatures detonation is easily controlled and proper peak firing pressure timing can be achieved.
When due to high intake air temperature, it causes the peak firing pressure to occur at a later time in the two-stroke cycle.
If the peak firing pressure is delayed too long, the cylinder will not blow down before the intake ports are open.
These features have lead to improved engine operation and efficiency through consistent and accurate ignition timing, essential to achieving balanced and stable peak firing pressures.
After modifications were made, the average peak firing pressures at full load averaged less than 700 psi.