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PPPowerPoint (Microsoft)
PPParcel Post
PPPrepaid (shipping)
PPPiss Poor
PPPianissimo (music)
PPProfile Picture
PPPapua New Guinea
PPPing Pong
PPPer Person
PPPeter Pan
PPPoint to Point
PPPom Pom (cartoon character)
PPPower Plant (aircraft engine)
PPPrimo Piano (Italian: Close-Up; photography and filmmaking)
PPPayPal (electronic payment website)
PPPartido Popular (Spanish political party)
PPPersonal Property
PPPeer to Peer
PPPerson to Person
PPPink Panther
PPPittsburgh Penguins
PPPrivacy Policy
PPPeter Parker (Spiderman character)
PPPrincess Peach (Nintendo character)
PPPower Pack
PPPower Play (Hockey)
PPPlanned Parenthood
PPPersonal Protection (clothing, health and safety)
PPPilot Project
PPPercentage Points
PPPostage Paid
PPPre Production
PPParticle Physics
PPPolly Pocket (toy doll)
PPPersonne Physique (French)
PPPoint Pleasant (Point Pleasant, NJ)
PPPlastic Packaging
PPPast Participle
PPPeak Power
PPPeraturan Pemerintah (Indonesian: government regulations)
PPPower Points (Pokémon/anime gaming)
PPParticular Person
PPPay Period
PPPeople's Party (political party)
PPPlastic Pipe
PPPresent Position
PPPostpartum (Latin: After Birth)
PPPopular Party (Spain)
PPPositive Pressure
PPParish Priest
PPPartial Pressure
PPPrimary Production (ecology)
PPPaul Pierce (basketball player)
PPParallel Port (IEEE 1284-1994)
PPPump Pressure (drilling)
PPParty Poker
PPPhilip Pullman (author)
PPPower Plugs
PPPush Pull
PPPower Panel
PPPokemon Platinum (game)
PPPrevious Period
PPPrimary Point (or Dial Post Pay Payphone)
PPPilgrim's Progress (Christian allegory)
PPPush Press (weightlifting)
PPPlasma Protein
PPPurchase Price
PPPlus Postage
PPPeroxisome Proliferator (molecular biology)
PPPeristaltic Pump
PPPolice Post
PPParty Pooper
PPPayback Period (investing)
PPProtein Phosphatase
PPPrevious Poster (message board thread)
PPPersonal Pronoun
PPPerfect Play (gaming)
PPPrepositional Phrase (grammar)
PPPokemon Pearl (game)
PPPrice Pfister
PPPosterior Probability
PPPlot Plan (drafting and design)
PPPer Protocol
PPPore Pressure
PPProject Planning
PPPiece Part
PPPuzzle Pirates (gaming website)
PPPair Programming (software development technique)
PPPeople's Participation
PPPoppers (Isobutylnitrite)
PPPreferred Plus (insurance)
PPPeak Pressure
PPPremium Processing (US Department of Homeland Security)
PPPrimary Progressive (multiple sclerosis)
PPPhantom Planet
PPParticle Production
PPPostprandial (after meals)
PPPatriarchs and Prophets
PPPage Printer
PPPocket Protector
PPPilot Production
PPProject Plan
PPPounds Pressure
PPParadise Poker (online gaming)
PPPersonnel Protection
PPPeriodic Paralysis
PPPlasma Pistol (gaming)
PPPeru Posible (political party)
PPPoint Paper
PPPractical Photography (Uk magazine)
PPPhysical Profile
PPPancreatic Polypeptide
PPPater Patriae (Latin: Father of the Country, epigraphy)
PPProcess Planning
PPProfessional Planner
PPPatient Placement (hospitals)
PPPartido Patriota (Spanish, Guatemala political party)
PPPlanning Package
PPPiecewise Polynomial (mathematics)
PPPrivate Party (classified ads)
PPPrimary Path
PPProvincial Park
PPPlanetary Protection (NASA)
PPPre Preg (material type)
PPPoor Presentation (job applicant)
PPPrimary Pressure
PPPermanent Party
PPProposed Plan
PPPrestige Points (gaming)
PPProtection Profile
PPPeople Person
PPPressure Plug
PPPatriot Party (Guatemala)
PPPassage Point
PPParent Parcel
PPProtein Purification
PPPiston Pump (automotive engineering)
PPProgressive Party
PPPromise to Pay
PPPortable Part
PPPhysical Partition (IBM AIX)
PPPollution Probe (workshop)
PPPause Please (gaming)
PPPlatinum Piece (gaming)
PPParty Please (gaming)
PPPinellas Plant (Florida)
PPParticiple Phrase
PPProduction Phase
PPPavee Point (Ireland)
PPPublicaciones Periódicas
PPPetrol Point (military operations)
PPPlane Partition (enumerative combinatorics)
PPPetr Prucha (hockey player)
PPPropria Persona (Latin: for oneself)
PPPlenum Pressure
PPProgram Package
PPPort Processor
PPPressure Plan
PPPayload Pointer
PPProton Proton
PPPeripheral Processor
PPPlanetary Program
PPPreservation Pennsylvania
PPProprietà Privata (Italian: No Trespassing)
PPPoled Polymer
PPPrivateer Press (online games store)
PPProcedural Programming
PPPointer Processor (ANSI)
PPParachute Press, Inc.
PPPréfecture de Police (France)
PPPrime Polymer Co., Ltd. (Japan)
PPPrivate Passenger (vehicle owned by an individual)
PPProcurement Plan
PPProtection Profiles (IT security, informatics)
PPProtector Plus
PPPunjab Police (India)
PPPlateau Perspectives (Canada and UK)
PPPropulsion Power
PPPure Pwnage (Internet TV show)
PPPull Plug (gaming)
PPPrevoyance Professionnelle (French)
PPPermittivity Probe (astronomy)
PPProcess Potential
PPPrinter's Proof (art)
PPPellagra Preventing
PPPurchasing Procedure
PPPower Pets
PPPound Puppy (toy and entertainment line)
PPPer Proxy
PPPrincipe de Paz (Guatemala, protestant church)
PPPer Procurationem (Latin: By Agency; letters signed on another person's behalf)
PPPróximo Passado (Portuguese: Prior)
PPPelican Parts
PPProblem Priority
PPPolarization Propagator
PPPriority Precedence
PPPraeses Provinciae (Latin: Ruler of the Province, epigraphy)
PPPerfect Prog (approach)
PPPorozumienie Polskie (Polish Accord)
PPPsychic Points (gaming, Earthbound)
PPPunctum Proximum (Latin: near point of accommodation)
PPParts Population
PPPraemissis Praemittendis
PPPneumo-Peritoneum (medical procedure)
PPPater Putativus (Latin: supposed father)
PPPublic Prosecuter
PPPublicidad Profesional (Guatemala advertisment agency)
PPPoetPatriot (website)
PPPrioritization Phase
PPPapa Pontifex (signature of the Pope)
PPPreterito Pasado (Spanish, grammar)
PPProfessional Plastering
PPPolaris Prime (Starcraft)
PPProduction Planner/Planning
PPProgram Plan/Planning
PPProgram/Procurement Plan
PPPerfectPass Control Systems Inc.
PPPotentiometer Plate
PPProjected Proponency
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The average peak pressure is not relevantly altered in Engine 1 by the use of a simpler ignition model, whereas in Engine 2 the band of pressure cycles substantially moves toward the upper band of experimental cycles (Figure 20).
To specify this reason, during the simulation, the peak pressure value at the different distance L is obtained by setting the initiation point of the far-end wing crack as the gauss point, as shown in Figure 21.
It is generally accepted that once diagnosed, CoA for which surgery is indicated should be corrected as early as possible.[6] Operative indications include AA diameter reduction of >50% or a resting echocardiographic peak pressure gradient of greater than 20 mmHg across the coarctation.
Using this mode results in low peak pressures and decreases the incidence of barotraumas especially in obese patients.
Unweighted Walking Weighted Unweighted Walking ([+ or -] SEM) ([+ or -] SEM) Contact time (ms) 278.9 (4.3) 254.4 (4.5) Impulse (N-s) 31.9 (.7) 26.6 (.7) Pressure time integral 52.6 (1.5) 43.7 (1.2) (N-s/[m.sup.2]) Peak Pressure (N/[m.sup.2]) 303.0 (11.2) 276.6 (9.9) Maximal Force normalized 184.6 (4.0) 162.7 (4.6) to body weight (N) Mean difference Walking (95% CI) % unweighted Contact time (ms) 24.5 (20.6-28.3) -8.8% Impulse (N-s) *5.32 (4.6-6.0) -16.6% Pressure time integral *8.9 (7.2-10.6) -16.9% (N-s/[m.sup.2]) Peak Pressure (N/[m.sup.2]) *26.4 (18.2-34.7) -8.7% Maximal Force normalized *21.8 (19.1-24.6) -11.9% to body weight (N) * p < 0.0001 paired t-test Table 2: Plantar Pressures during Weighted vs.
(13,14) This system has three major components: a mechanical apparatus to mount the specimen and apply a full range of motion, an optical motion tracking system (MicronTracker Sx60, ClaroNav Technology Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada) to quantify the range of motion, and a thin (0.1 mm) pressure sensor (4,011 N, Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA) to record peak pressures and total contact area.
The increase in brake thermal efficiency in the case of multilayered ceramic coated piston may be due to higher cylinder peak pressure and lower frictional losses.
In our study we found increased peak pressure only in the forefoot region during static measurement perhaps because of the lower grade of obesity in our study population.
The peak pressure represents the maximum pressure at a small area in the medial heel section which was compared with other research studies (46.9 +/- 3.7N/[cm.sup.2] (p < 0.01) versus 32.9 +/- 11.8 N/[cm.sup.2] (p = 0.01)) along with the mean pressure over the duration ofstep at the medial section of heel (14.1 +/- 0.4 N/[cm.sup.2] (p = 0.04) versus 8.9 +/3.1 N/[cm.sup.2] (p < 0.01)) [23].
Copper crusher technique is simple enough to obtain a rapid estimation of the peak pressure in ammunition testing but it has drawbacks for being of limited accuracy and only gives the peak pressure [3].
Before the shock wave contacts the capsule, the peak pressure of the incident wave is about 0.328 Mpa (see Figure 4(a)).
Next, in case 2 the pressure profile for condition 4 is calculated by using dry air (0 g [H.sub.2]O/kg dry air, see case 2 in Table 4).The peak pressure and temperature are substantially lower for case 1 due to the presence of water.