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PECHORAPaleo Environment and Climate History of the Russian Arctic
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Geographical, Natural and Climatic Environment in the Offshore Regions of the Baltic, Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas and in the Offshore Areas of the Ob and Taz Bay 3.
The new MRSAMs will replace the ageing Pechora surface- to- air missiles of the Soviet- origin.
MOSCOW, Shawwal 6, 1433, Aug 24, 2012, SPA -- Greenpeace activists have stormed a floating oil rig in Russia's Pechora Sea, hundreds of miles from the nearest port, to protest oil drilling in the Arctic, AP quoted the environmental organization as saying on Friday.
2 billion on a pipeline from northern Russia to the Arctic Ocean (Kharyaga to Indiga, being lobbied by Lukoil), which is expected to ship 500,000 bpd of Timan Pechora oil.
ABSTRACT: The ungulate fauna present in Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Eneolithic Age sites of the Pechora and Vychegda Basins were considerable.
Russian border guards seized the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise ship on September 19, after several activists tried to scale an oil rig operated by an affiliate of state-run energy giant Gazprom in the Pechora Sea.
The boat and protesters were taken from the Arctic's Pechora sea, near to oil company Gazprom's platform, and transferred to the port of Murmansk.
The last and fourth working session was held under the topic "New Products and Media Services" and presided over by Italian News Agency Consultant Jolion Pechora.
Pechora taiga domesticated cow moose were kept in enclosures with conditions similar to their natural environment.
It was deployed to the vast Prirazlomnoye oil field in the Pechora Sea in 2011, but its launch has been delayed by technological challenges.
The reason for the commotion was a Pechora pipit, which has never before been recorded in Wales.