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PEPer Esempio (Italian: For Example)
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PEPort Elizabeth (South Africa)
PEProvider Edge (IETF RFC 2547)
PEPractice Expense (Medicare/Medicaid payments)
PEPrivate Equity
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PEProject Engineer
PEProgram Element (Army financial)
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PEPublic Enemy
PEPotential Energy
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PEProfessional Edition (usually describing software)
PEPor Ejemplo (Spanish: For Example)
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PEPersonal Edition
PEPhysical Examination
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PEPublic Education
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PEPlanet Earth
PEPlatinum Edition
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PEPerkinElmer (Massachusetts)
PEPhosphatidylethanolamine (lipid)
PEPreliminary Engineering
PEParlamento Europeo (Italian: European Parliament)
PEPrincipal Engineer
PEPermanent Establishment
PEProcess Engineer
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PEProgram Evaluation
PEPhiladelphia Eagles
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PEPotential Evapotranspiration (ecology)
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PEPenis Erection
PEPreinstallation Environment (Microsoft Windows)
PEPleural Effusion (excess pleural cavity fluid)
PEPlans Examiner
PEProduct Engineer
PEProtestant Episcopal
PEPhysical Exertion
PEPrimavera Estate (Fashion, Italy)
PEPericardial Effusion
PEPelvic Exam
PEPetroleum Engineer
PEPreliminary Evaluation (EPA)
PEPoint Estimate
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PEPeace Enforcement (US DoD)
PEPharmacoeconomics (cost management analytical tool)
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PEPeclet Number
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PEProbability of Exceedance (earthquake
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PEPlant Emulator
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PEPhysical Inventory, Ending
PEParity Even/Enable
PEPedal Exungulation (the clipping of toenails)
PEProving-Period Emergency
PEPervasive Expression
PEProgressiewe Enkefalopatie
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Peclet number Pe (= [rho][C.sub.p]vL/[lambda]), which shows the ratio of heat quantity to be carried by convection and that to be carried by conduction, remarkably decreases below this flow velocity.
An artificial viscosity of 0.001 [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-1] is applied corresponding to a Peclet number of 300.
for 1 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] M - 1 and 1 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] N -1, where Cr = u[DELTA]t/[increment of x] is Courant number and Pe = u[increment of x]/D is Peclet number.
In highly disordered media the Peclet number can significantly vary locally, which poses problems for asymptotic upscaling methods, but not for a pore-scale description.
Dassargues, "Review of the use of Peclet numbers to determine the relative importance of advection and diffusion in low permeability environments," Hydrogeology Journal, vol.
Writing the Peclet number as Pe = [Re.sub.t] [Sc.sub.t] would be very helpful since there exist several previous research studies, which have investigated the influence of the turbulent Schmidt number, [Sc.sub.t], on the predicted concentration of species, and optimum values of [Sc.sub.t] for various engineering flow and concentration fields.
The main change in compounds were their density and their viscosity, which directly affect the calculation of the Peclet number, due to this number was the relationship between fluid advection and diffusion rate, while is was bigger indicates the system is mainly governed by fluid displacement.
For specific Peclet number, Nusselt number of nanofluids found to be higher than that of the base fluid.
Despite the fact that this computation is very rapid, asymptotic expressions of the maximum temperature for large Peclet number (L [right arrow][infinity]) for any dimensionless heat flux profile /(%) can be calculated.
Multigrid method using Gauss-Seidel smoother is proved to be more effective for the solution of convection diffusion equation with given peclet number. Our numerical works show that multigrid method with fourth order compact scheme is more accurate than the second order central difference scheme, different figures show error graphs and residual norm.
In the above, we have introduced the non-dimensional parameters Wb = [rho]a[U.sup.2] = [gamma] (Weber number), Re = [rho]aU/[mu](Reynolds number), Pe = [[epsilon].sup.(o)]U/(a[K.sup.(i)]) (Electric Peclet number), and [LAMBDA] = [[epsilon].sup.(o)][E.sup.2.sub.0] =([rho][U.sup.2])(Taylor number([equivalent to] [[epsilon].sup.(o)]a[E.sup.2.sub.0]/[gamma])/Wb).
They focused more on the effects of Peclet number and types of nanofluids on heat transfer from the cylinder rather than fluid flow hydrodynamics.