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PNOPiano (music)
PNOProvider Network Operations (medical care)
PNOPrincipal Nursing Officer
PNOPublic Network Operators
PNOParent's Night Out
PNOPneumothorax (pulmonology)
PNOProject Number (assigned by activity)
PNOPublic Network Operator
PNOProgram Number
PNOPecunia Non Olet (Latin: money does not smell)
PNOPort of New Orleans
PNOPa-O National Organization (Myanmar)
PNOPrecipitation Amount Not Available (METAR code)
PNOPremerger Notification Office (US FTC)
PNOPagan's Night Out (est. 1992)
PNOPair Natural Orbital
PNOPetri Nets with Objects
PNOPseudo-Natural Orbital
PNOPlasma-Nitrided Oxide
PNOPlanned Nonoperation (vehicle status)
PNOPrenegotiation Objective (contracting)
PNOProperty Notarization Order (real estate)
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Although Simonini ascribes the principle pecunia non olet (money does not stink) (Eco 2011, 317) to another character, it fits well as a motto for Simonini himself.
It has been argued that the Latin saying pecunia non olet translates literally as "money doesn't stink" and refers to the custom of storing wealth in cattle, which were rarely if ever bathed.
The ancient Romans had it wrong when they claimed pecunia non olet.