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PROPublic Record Office (British Archives)
PROProline (Amino Acid)
PROProvo (Amtrak station code; Provo, UT)
PROPublic Relations Officer
PROPolice Regional Office (Philippines)
PROPain Relief Ointment (various companies)
PROPatient Reported Outcome (clinical trial research)
PROProhibition Party
PROPricing and Revenue Optimization (Manugistics Group, Inc.)
PROPropuesta Republicana (Spanish: Republican Proposal; Argentina)
PROPublic Relations Organization (various organizations)
PROParagon Ragtime Orchestra (Lewisburg, PA)
PROPeer Review Organization
PROProspect Research Online (Canada)
PROProfessional Review Organization (healthcare)
PROPerforming Rights Organization
PROPrincipal Race Officer (sailboat racing)
PROPartei Rechtsstaatlicher Offensive (German: Law and Order Offensive Party)
PROProlog File
PROProtections of Rights of Others
PROPortable Remote Object
PROPublic Record Office
PROPhilippine Ragnarok Online (gaming)
PROProducer Responsibility Organisation
PROParks and Recreation Ontario (Canada)
PROPlant Representative Office
PROProblem Resolution Officer
PROAdjusted Production (baseball statistic)
PROPersonnel Relations Officer (US Navy)
PROPrecision RISC (reduced instruction set computing) Organization
PROPatient Results Online (healthcare)
PROPacket Re-Ordering
PROPhotographic Research Organization Inc.
PROProper Ram-air Orientation (parachute packing method)
PROPittsburgh Roleplaying Organization
PROPionniers de la Route Organisation (French: Pioneers of the Road Organization)
PROPlanning and Reporting Officer
PROPreplanned Response Option
PROProgressive Rate Optimal
PROPetrol Range Organics (environmental risk assessment)
PROPersonnel Records On-Line
PROPatient Resource Office
PROPotomac Region Outings (Sierra Club Virginia Chapter)
PROPoint de Raccordement Optique (France TELECOM)
PROPublication Requirement Officer
PROPrepare, Read and Organize (reading process)
PROProject Residence Office (US Coast Guard)
PROProtracted Refugee and Displaced Person Operations (until May 1998; see PRRO)
PROProgrammed Reduction Objective(s)
PROPrioritized Regional Objective
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Entities required to report to the NPDB include medical malpractice payers, state medical and dental boards, hospitals and other entities with formal peer review, professional societies with formal peer review, health plans, peer review organizations, private accreditation organizations, federal government agencies, state law enforcement agencies, state Medicaid fraud control units, state agencies administering or supervising the administration of state healthcare programs, and state licensing and certification authorities.
"Special Alert" is the insignia of the new rapid distribution network by which peer review organizations (PROs) will help the CDC and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services get information on bioterrorism to health care providers within 1-2 business days of issue, said Dr.
Many of the 25 CDC-funded state programs work with their American Heart Association affiliate and state peer review organizations to promote health system policy changes related to improving risk-reduction counseling, appropriate treatment of patients with CHD, and other prevention measures.
HCFA will address the transportation barrier via its national network of Medicare Peer Review Organizations (PROs).
TEFRA established limits on the rate of increase for hospital charges for Medicare cases, permitted Medicare enrollees to elect for coverage in Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and created Peer Review Organizations (PROs).