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PETAPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PETAPeople Eating Tasty Animals (parody web site)
PETAPrimary English Teaching Association (Australia)
PETAPembela Tanah Air (Defenders of the Fatherland, Indonesian volunteer army)
PETAPentaerythritol Triacrylate (chemistry)
PETAPetrographical Analysis Report (energy exploration)
PETAPeople Euthanizing Trusting Animals
PETAPlease Explain This Acronym
PETAPrimary Elementary Teachers' Association
PETAPolling Every Time Approach
PETAPower-Efficient Target Array (computer algorithm)
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95 Mannlicher rifles to equip their occupation troops and arm collaborationist forces such as the Pembela Tanah Air militia in Indonesia and the Indian National Army in Burma.
28) Revealed in 1993 in the daily Suara Pembaruan (19-6-1993), and also in 1994 at an informal discussion of the Pembela Tanah Air Foundation attended by T.
PETA's full name came to be known as Tentara Sukarela Pembela Tanah Air (Volunteer Army of Defenders of the Homeland).
In 1981, when the New Order had been stabilized and most of these erstwhile teenage freedom fighters were approaching retirement age, they formed an association called Yayasan Pembela Tanah Air (YAPETA, Association of the Defenders of the Homeland).
Gatot states: 'Cita-cita Tentara sukarela Pembela Tanah Air agar kelak menjadi Tentara Nasional Indonesia ternyata tercapai juga' (The ideal of PETA later becoming TNI also evidently materialized) (Lubis 2003:55).
1997 PETA; Tentara Sukarela Pembela Tanah Air di Jawa dan Sumatra 1942-1945.
During the occupation years, some Indonesian nationalists formed guerilla bands to oppose the Japanese while others joined a Japanese-organized militia, the Pembela Tanah Air (PETA), which eventually numbered more than 120,000.
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