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Destiny, a provider of Digital Pen and Paper technology solutions, announced on Monday (5 February) that Greenberg Glass Group, a commercial glass and glazing company in the UK, is rolling out Digital Pen and Paper to 400 mobile workers throughout the UK.
What's more, with pen and paper serving just fine as note-taking implements for hundreds of years, Fiering wonders whether customers in and out of academia really will become willing to adopt this technology on the large scale.
Based on technologies from Anoto that convert ordinary handwriting into digital information, the Logitech solution is designed to provide the user with the ability to use pen and paper in exactly the same way that people have used them for centuries while still making use of the powerful productivity provided by a PC.
Gesturing is the new buzzword in a pen-based operating system and offers the strongest link to the pen and paper world.
There is a solution currently being widely tested that combines the ease of using pen and paper with the digital advantages of a computer.