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PQLPenalized Quasi-Likelihood
PQLPractical Quantitation Limits
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PQLPractical Quantitation Level
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PQLProduct Quality Level
PQLPractical Qualification Level
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When the Laplace method is applied to approximate the integrated quasi-likelihood function (8), estimates of [beta] for fixed [[sigma].sup.2] are obtained by maximizing the penalized quasi-likelihood (PQL) (8):
We will use the penalized quasi-likelihood [Q.sub.p]([beta]) to estimate [beta] and to conduct local influence analysis.
Inspired by [25, 26], we define in this work a new penalized quasi-likelihood displacement and then adapt the local influence approach introduced by [9] to the QLNMWRE.
Similar to the likelihood displacement [9], we define the penalized quasi-likelihood displacement (PQLD) as
In a likelihood-based context, penalized quasi-likelihood (PQL) is used to estimate the GLMMs constructed for the above GA(M)Ms.