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"In this case, we had developers who applied for permits at the end of 2014 in advance of pending changes in the building code.
This analysis provides the predictive insight needed for customers to make more cost effective and intelligent purchasing and deployment decisions, and to validate all pending changes to the production storage infrastructure.
In a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup small business survey, only about half of respondents that accept credit cards were even aware of the deadline and pending changes. Only about one-third of retailers plan to comply by the October deadline.
They will also address the pending changes in the party starting with new membership and internal polls for the posts of office bearers.
"As I understand the pending changes in CMS, much greater emphasis will be placed on the HVA and on training and drilling for reality," Wilder says.
So, obviously, employers need to be more alert in regards to having adequate labor counsel and being prepared for these pending changes to unionization policy.
Victims article was misleading YOUR article about pending changes to victim services (Chronicle, February 20) is very misleading.
The pending changes to the FRCP further reinforce that expectation.
Cohen added that customers were notified by letter 30 days in advance of pending changes, based on their level of services, and there is a "forced tune'' feature showing a video where the new channels are.
His position remains the same but the club expect a summer of change and his prospective sale plus that of Alexis Sanchez could represent the best way of generating income for the pending changes. Ee Ee Ee Ee Ee Ee Ee
The intent was to keep you informed of pending changes and help you prepare for them.
Yet Qantas still has plenty of cash to keep it afloat pending changes, as well as inevitable disputes with unions over cutting 15 percent of the carrier's workforce.