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PennHIPUniversity of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program
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(The OFA classifies hips into seven different categories: Excellent, Good, Fair, Borderline, Mild, Moderate, or Severe.) Additional views are done for PennHIP certification, which looks at measurements of joint laxity as well as hip-joint conformation.
PennHIP is a closed registry--you get results for your own dog, but you cannot see results for any other dog on their site.
Unlike OFA and PennHip, CERF numbers are only good for one year, so a reputable breeder might re-CERF a dog every couple years to check for maladies.
Com relacao aos metodos de imagem, os estudos radiograficos podem ser divididos naqueles que avaliam a congruencia articular e detectam sinais de osteoartrite usando a posicao radiografica ventrodorsal padrao com os membros pelvicos em extensao, ou pela frouxidao articular demonstrada em radiografias obtidas por estresse (PennHIP, subluxacao dorsolateral, entre outras) (2, 8, 10).
--Diagnostic Tests: Radiographs and specific radiographic evaluations including PennHIP and Orthopedic Foundation Association certification.
* The PennHip method uses X-ray images of a hip joint in which the acetabulum and femoral head have been separated to an extent by placing a bar called a detractor between the dog's thighs and pushing inward on the stifles, or knees.
3), scientists at the university of Wisconsin-Madison and Louisiana State University In Baton Rouge explained their experiment: Since CFJ laxity is an early sign of CHD that can be seen on PennHIP X-rays, they started out with puppies known to have a genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia--and let them eat all they wanted.