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PFYTPenny for Your Thoughts
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"A penny for your thoughts," said Miss Wilkinson, looking at him with a smile.
Arthur Venning who was strolling about, sometimes looking at the game, sometimes reading a page of a magazine, looked at Miss Allan, who was half asleep, and said humorously, "A penny for your thoughts, Miss Allan."
Zopa chief customer officer Clare Gambardella said: "With the advances in technology, a phrase like penny for your thoughts could leave future generations puzzled and scratching their heads.
A penny for your thoughts sounds woefully ignorant of present-day realities in light of price rises and inflation.
Penny for your thoughts; 10 lessons to help you invest in and grow a creative business.
IT GIVES a new meaning to the idea of a penny for your thoughts. Who would have thought one simple tweet could kick-start so much debate?
The main text is sprinkled with features like "Glad you asked" (frequently asked questions), "Crunching the numbers" (interesting statistics), and "Penny for your thoughts" (quotes about financial matters, taken from such diverse sources as Ecclesiasticus, Emerson, and Epicurus).
Schultz is the kind of guy you never say "Penny for your thoughts" to because it might result in years of expensive therapy for the recipient if he shares.
ME: (as a single pelican wings by) A penny for your thoughts, my dear?
Penny for your thoughts: Rod Stewart's mind looks on other things as he arrives with girlfriend Penny Lancaster PA/JOHN STILLWELL
PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS Margaret Pritchard, left and BBC's Penny Roberts.