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PRDYPeoples' Democratic Republic of Yemen (former South Yemen)
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In addition, the UAE maintains selective patronage networks of local Salafis (such as the Amalqa Brigades and the Abu al-Abbas Brigades in Taiz), sympathizers of the former Peoples' Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY), and Southern secessionist groups.
When Abd Al-Fatah Ismail was removed from ruling the south of Yemen known as the peoples' Democratic Republic of Yemen and Ali Naser Mohamed took over after him in 1980, he remained in his position as the director of training department of the army during bloody conflict in northern rural areas between the regime and the national front which was backed by the regime in the south
In 1996 Yemen's human rights profile compared unfavourably with the relative tolerance that had characterised the four years following the May 1990 unification of the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen) and that ended with the civil war."
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