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PEPIPhysics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (est. 1968; Elsevier, BV)
PEPIPostmenopausal Estrogen/Progestin Intervention (female health)
PEPIPrivate Equity Performance Index (Thomson Financial)
PEPIPatient Experience and Public Involvement
PEPIProcessor Equipment Prime Item
PEPIPublic Education Public Involvement (community planning)
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I love creating sushi because there is so much tradition and skill attached to it," said Chef Pepi.
With more than 15 years of experience, Chef Pepi has won many awards including the first place in the Tokyo World Sushi Cup in 2013 and earning the highest scores for creativ-ity the following year.
Nosotras tenemos que hacer algo, le dijo Pepi a Cata en el recreo, mientras caminaba alrededor de ella en circulos porque ninguno de sus companeros, ni ella misma esta vez, habian querido cantar la Luis Burela.
PEPI said: "I saw Emma a year ago and I was saying to her how extraordinary it all was.
Pepi, from Dundee, who weighs 1st 5lb, is said by the PDSA charity to be one of the heaviest cats they have ever seen.
When comparing the descriptive statistics in the upper parts of Panel A and B in Table 1, we notice that the PEPI BO (9.
Nella parte finale del volume, ricco di fotografie di Mucci e di suoi lavori, ed efficacemente chiuso da un profilo bio-bibliografico di Pepi, una "Testimonianza" del curatore, Alberto Alberti, ricorda l'assidua presenza di Mucci a Bra, nel 1930, a casa sua, l'affetto che egli mostra per tutta la sua famiglia, il periodo che trascorre a Parigi insieme al padre.
Maria Gabriela Fernandez Pepi (1), Mirta Olga Arriaga (1) and Alejandro Fabian Zucol (2) (A)
The Pepi and Buchis discoveries set up several additional exploration drilling opportunities on trend, and the Faghur-8X significantly increased the size of the field and set up a number of follow-up development drilling opportunities.
Known only from the king lists, Userkare was the second pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty and ruled briefly between Teti and Teti's son Pepi I.
It is the only authorized to prevent these incidents and should not keep quiet while only one week ago, the fur coats of Madame Pepi were the only thing the police talked about.
However, it is still unclear if this queen was the wife of Pepi I or Pepi II, who ruled during the 6th Dynasty.