PEPPIPerceived Efficacy in Patient-Physician Interactions (medical questionnaire)
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Anaphore is also announcing two new independent directors to its Board of Directors - Peppi Prasit and Raymond Stevens.
After a year of using the MHC[C], the women in the ESC study evaluated it using the 11 helpfulness questions, the PEPPI, the 4 usefulness questions, and the suggestions for use and adaptation question.
Catherine Moorcroft from Willenhall in the Black Country, who has had ten-year-old Peppi since she was a puppy, said: 'She had stopped eating and I noticed swelling on her stomach so I took her to the vet's to be checked out.
Peppi Bruneau, R-New Orleans, followed up with a speech saying the increases in the fees could hurt small businesses already laden with various fees and taxes.
Coach Bob Leslie insists there will be no Full Monty by the players but goalminder Peppi Heiss is taking no chances.
l MY friend asked me if she and her little grandKids' Talkson Sam could take my dog Peppi for a walk.
Peppi calls her "a dirty Jewess" and threatens to expose her.
One of the pilot students, Whitbread assistant brand manager Peppi Cromona, told last week's launch seminar the "realistic expectations" of the course were among its plus-points.
Burpless, Bush Crop, Bush Pickle, Euro American, Liberty, National Pickling, Northern Pickling, Patio Pick, Peppi, Saladin, Spacemaster, Strait, Sweet Success, Victory.
After a review of the relevant facts in the Qui Tam lawsuit filed against Caremark in 2003 by relators Michael Fowler and Peppi Fowler, the State of Florida Department of Legal Affairs (the Department), headed by the Florida Attorney General, today filed the motion to intervene.
With the auction complete, the band strikes up again and most of the Ringling students in attendance rush out to the dance floor, where they are joined by Peppi Elona, Larry Thompson, Mary Beth Goddard and so many more Ringling supporters.
Peppi Tanti, who owns Cardiff Reptile Centre, was stepping out of his shop when he heard a "commotion" in the direction of the police station.