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PYEPeptone-Yeast Extract (for cultivation of yeasts and molds)
PYEProvincial Youth Event
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Atambay, "Effectiveness of peptone-yeast extract (P-Y) medium in the cultivation and isolation of Entamoeba histolytica/Entamoeba dispar in Turkish patients," Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, vol.
Aerial spore-mass color, substrate mycelia pigmentation and the production of diffusible pigments had been observed on yeast extract-malt extract agar (ISP medium 2), oatmeal agar (ISP medium 3), inorganic salt starch agar (ISP medium 4), glycerol-asparagine agar (ISP medium 5) peptone-yeast extract iron agar (ISP medium 6) and tyrosine agar (ISP medium 7) as described by Shirling and Gottlieb.
The growth was well on starch nitrate agar medium, glycerol asparagine agar medium (ISP-5), peptone-yeast extract iron agar medium (ISP-6) and tyrosine agar medium (ISP-7), while it was poor on nutrient agar medium.