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PEQUODPacific Equatorial Ocean Dynamics
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After much prolonged sauntering and many random inquiries, I learnt that there were three ships up for three-years' voyages --The Devil-Dam the Tit-bit, and the pequod.
It belongs to me and Captain Bildad to see the Pequod fitted out for the voyage, and supplied with all her needs, including crew.
I was a little staggered, but go a-whaling I must, and I would; and the Pequod was as good a ship as any --I thought the best -- and all this I now repeated to Peleg.
I had heard something of both Captain Peleg and his unaccountable old crony Bildad; how that they being the principal proprietors of the Pequod, therefore the other and more inconsiderable and scattered owners, left nearly the whole management of the ship's affairs to these two.
And, after signing the papers, off I went; nothing doubting but that I had done a good morning's work, and that the Pequod was the identical ship that Yojo had provided to carry Queequeg and me round the Cape.
Es lo que ocurre con los pasajeros de El k estafador, con el patron de Bartleby, con la tripulacion del Pequod, con el capitan Vere y con el desafortunado Billy Budd.
And if Starbucks-the largest coffee chain in the world, named for the fiscally conscious first mate of the Pequod, who said of Ahab's obsession with Moby Dick, "How many barrels will thy vengeance yield thee even if thou gettest it, Captain Ahab?
The final two pamphlets move a bit further afield: one 1610 text examines the Swedish-Polish war fought in Russia, and the last, from 1637, treats the war between colonists in New England and the Pequod nation.
In that latter sense, he may distort the reality of the story, because the characters in the narrative and especially the crew of the Pequod, described by D.
La dicotomia del adentro/afuera tambien se hace patente en la posada de la Lagarta Verde, espacio de la espera de los marinos--en contraposicion al constante peregrinar del Pequod o el Majestic (121)--y lugar de reposo para el narrador.
Honors programs, like the Pequod, propel students beyond the familiar lands of their majors and professional goals, sending them out to sea where, like Ishmael, they examine that big whale of Truth from all angles, traditions, and disciplines, always seeking but never quite grasping the unknown and the unknowable.