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PCFParti Communiste Français (French Communist Party)
PCFPost-Conflict Fund (est. 1997; World Bank)
PCFPounds per Cubic Foot
PCFProstate Cancer Foundation
PCFPer Cubic Foot
PCFProcessed Chlorine Free (recycled paper)
PCFPortable Compiled Format
PCFPercentage Closer Filtering
PCFPortable Compiled Font
PCFProgrammable Command Format
PCFProfiler Command File
PCFPrototype Carbon Fund (World Bank Carbon Finance Unit)
PCFProduct Carbon Footprint
PCFParticipatory Culture Foundation
PCFPost Consumer Fiber (paper)
PCFPoint Coordination Function
PCFPatrol Craft (Fast)
PCFPhotonic Crystal Fiber
PCFPacific Cooperation Foundation (New Zealand)
PCFPortable Compiled Format (font format)
PCFPayment Card Forensics (Japan)
PCFPollution Control Facility (various locations)
PCFPacket Control Function
PCFPersonal Care Facility (various locations)
PCFProteomics Core Facility (Switzerland)
PCFPresident's Choice Financial
PCFPatient Care Form
PCFPrins Claus Fonds (Dutch cultural organizations; est. 1996)
PCFPacific Coast Feather Company
PCFParallel Computing Forum
PCFProfiler Command File (file extension)
PCFPositive Cash Flow
PCFProfessional Communication Foundation
PCFProcess Control Feature
PCFPetroleum Communication Foundation
PCFPrice to Cash Flow (ratio)
PCFPigs Can Fly
PCFPossible Contributing Factor (various organizations)
PCFPotential Confounding Factor (statistics)
PCFProposal Clearance Form (various schools)
PCFPacific Christian Fellowship (University of the Pacific; Oregon)
PCFPersonnel Control Facility
PCFPeace Corps Fellows (Program in Community Development; Master's degree)
PCFPolicy Control Function
PCFPolymer Clad Fiber
PCFPolish Cultural Foundation (Clark, NJ)
PCFPoynting Correction Factor (thermodynamics)
PCFPaid-Call Firefighter
PCFPublishing Cash Flow
PCFPaperless Contracting File (various organizations)
PCFPrivate Collection Firm (Oregon)
PCFPossible Cofinality (mathematics)
PCFPutting Christ First
PCFPattern Capture Format (ICT In-circuit test)
PCFPhysical Constraints File (engineering software applications)
PCFProgram Challenge Fund (Public Broadcasting System)
PCFParents' Choice Foundation
PCFParchin Chemical Factories (Iran)
PCFParallel Control Flow
PCFPersonal Call Forwarding
PCFPrague Christian Fellowship (Czech Republic)
PCFPatient Consent Form (treatment agreement)
PCFPiecewise Continuous Function
PCFProvider Credential File
PCFPrimary Combat Function
PCFPound-force per Cubic Foot (unit of material density)
PCFPrograma de Control Financiero (Spanish: Financial Control Program; Guatemala)
PCFPolynomial Correlation Filter
PCFPrioritized Cost Format
PCFPulse Compression Filter
PCFProbability of Code Failure
PCFPersonal Computer Format (PC magazine UK)
PCFPractioner Credentials File
PCFPrincipal Component Filter
PCFPower Coupling Factor
PCFPremises Connecting Facility
PCFProgram Checkout Facility
PCFPhilippe Cousteau Foundation
PCFProject Communication Facility
PCFPattern Compressed File (graphics compression format)
PCFPiper Club France (France)
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The average density of the top layer of the Martian topography has been placed at 161 pounds per cubic foot, as per the new data.
Narrow lumber has more surface area per cubic foot and per board foot of scaled lumber than wider lumber, requiring more saw cuts and surfaces to plane.
So crude oil with a density of about 58 pounds per cubic foot floats on sea water, which has a density of 64 pounds per cubic foot - and not vice-versa.
Other states could send their waste to Texas but it would cost them $1,000 per cubic foot and states that want to join the compact must pay $40 million until September 1, 2015, and $60 million until 2020 to join.
Commodity Classification Standards Board density guideli- nes Minimum average density (in pounds per cubic foot) Class 50 50 35 55 30 60 22.5 65 15 70 13.5 77.5 12 85 10.5 92.5 9 100 8 110 7 125 6 150 5 175 4 200 3 250 2 300 1 400 Less than 1 500 Ray Bohman , a well-known author and consultant, is editor of several highly successful newsletters on transportation and is a consultant to a number of national trade associations.
Receipts earned per cubic foot of space, for example, appears to be moving in two different directions.
The compound is said to be capable of maintaining a 6-8 pound per cubic foot density.
The 15-year agreement, which is renewable, governs the transfer of 100-150 cubic feet of gas at $2 per cubic foot - a price well below the market benchmark of $14.
'My company has enough business relationships where we know emissions per cubic foot and per ton, whether by ocean, air or truck,' he said.
During several test intervals, straw captured ammonia at a rate of about 0.0015 pounds of ammonia per hour per cubic foot of straw.
Simon can only hold 40 pounds per cubic foot. Most soils weigh 50 pounds per cubic foot.
Powered by a 7,000-hp motor, in eight hours it can process 2,400 ferrous tons with a density in excess of 90 pounds per cubic foot. Four new M-Series MegaShredders with 9,000-hp drives will be processing by January 2007.