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On top of that, there is the FSA, which costs companies $4-$5 per employee per month with a $150 annual fee.
Sales productivity was measured by new face-to-face conversations per employee per month; new accounts per employee per month; and new revenue per employee per month.
UnitedHealthcare's inpatient care initiatives--to reduce treatments that do not meet evidence-based medical standards--have reduced bed days per 1,000 admissions by 4.8 percent over the past three years, generating typical savings of $4.89 per employee per month. During the same period, bed days industrywide rose 6 percent to 12 percent, according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance Quality.
Wasif said that presently the employer deposits Rs.360 per employee per month with EOBI out of which Rs.300 are paid by the employer himself while Rs.
"It was only $6 per employee per month cheaper," she said.
It is very unfortunate to see a lot of companies struggling to meet the LMRA fees per employee per month.
Typical wellness programs cost just a few dollars per employee per month, and absence management analysis services cost just a few cents per employee per month.
The cost is $1 per employee per month, after a free three-month trial period.
* The cost of employee assistance services was reduced from $3.20 per employee per month to 83 cents per employee per month.
The average length of stay at the hospital has decreased by one day per employee per month. Likewise, hospital admissions have decreased from 305 to 105; emergency room visits dropped from 150 to 140.
The cost of that plan came to $803 each month for each employee for the basic coverage, plus just over $58 monthly for the reserve account, for a total of $861 per employee per month. The district said it would continue to pay the whole premium for its employees and their families, unless costs rose more than 10 percent in a year.
If an organization self funds its health plan, disease management programs should be available through its administrator or utilization management vendor for a fee (usually $2-$9 per employee per month).